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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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gunpoint a stealing his jewelry. i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm trina robinson. we're live with more on the video. >> reporter: hi, trina. slam academy is aharter school here in little havana. somebody targeted a student there for his jewelry, trina. in addition to that, police tell us the teenager was threatened th a gun. several surveillance cameras in this camera captured the crime as it was happing. surveillance video captures three kids crossing the street about 6:15 wedsday evening. you'll see a man in a white jacket running after them. he assaults one of the boys. he's already ripped a gol chain off the student's neck. now he demanding the bracelet. he loses his patience. he rips it right off the boy's wrist. >> first i thought it was a
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was a robbery and i got scared. >> reporter: school officials sent notes home to parents saying the student is unharmed. however this incident is a good reminder that students need to be vigilant when they walk off campus. >> they told us to stay around people, like be in groups, and keep everybody safe and watch t for everybody. everybody is our brother and our sister. >> reporter: that's brandon moises on the right running away. they're all students at slam academy and police have been looking for that suspect for the past 48 hours. >> he made a run for it. we don't know if there was somebody waiting for him or not, but he quickly disappeared from that camera's view. >> reporter: we did go to that teenager's house earlier today and his grandmother told us he was not interested in being interviewed. investigators released this video for this purpose. detectives hope somebody knows
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calls crime stoppers i i miami-dade. nbc 6 news. right now, police a a looking for a dark-colored vehicle that s sped off after a deadly shooting in northwest miami-dade. we're getting a live look at the area in brownsville where an 18-year-old has been shot to death in the middle of the street. the body in the middle of the street is covered with a tarp with several bullet markers on the ground. several schools innhe area were put on lockdown earlier as police were searching for whoever pulled the trigger. the teen's identity has not been released. if you have any information, call miami-dade crime stoppers. right now, we're taking a live look outside where after days of rain a cool change is coming to south florida. adam berg joins us right now. >> let's talk about this cool change. it was much, much warmer yesterday at this time. exactly 24 hours ago we were 13
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14 can godegrees warmer in kendall. 1 12 degrees warmer in miami. that north wind continues for us and this is why the mercury continues to drop. 61 in miami. 58 already in kendall. and it's only going down from here. i think a lot of us, though, excited about this. we get to dig a little deeper into the closet and pull out the good stuff. pull out the boots with the fur an all that jazz. temperatures actually once again below 65. is that the magic number here in south florida? the winter clothing appears. 61 in key west as you wake up tomorrow morning. 57 key largo. you know the folks that hate this stuff? people that are leaving the northeast or the rockies. kendall talking 50 degrees as we weak up tomorrow.. 50 in westin. 49 in coral springs.
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52 in ft. lauderdale. just about five days ago we were 46 in miami and 44 in fortt. lauderdale lauderdale. the rest of your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. thank you. to see what the weather will be like at any time, be sure to eck out the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can even switch the home screen to get to the latest on the weather right when you open the app. an a4torney has been barred from entering any broward sheriff's office property. the defense attorney jessica david was caughd apparently having sex with a client 26-year-old ysreal granda. he jumped back in his chair while the 35-yeyr-old lawyer stood up and adjusted her skirt. detectives interviewed both people. officials said the misconduct
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association. meanwhile the convicted felon remains in jail on unrelated charges of attempted murder. a woman drugge a pompano beach befo stealing cash and watches. his client wants to close her case and move back to new york for her kids. her case stems back from 2013 when she taraeted her victim during a night out. the man was in court today to get back of some of the money he was missing. her co-defendant was never caught. the uncle of a 7-year-old boy murdered over the christmas holiday pled not guilty to charges of connection with the crime. tobler tried to kill two men in an argument over a stolen gun. the pair returned to his home, opened fire on the house, and
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castro. tobler is out on bond tonight. >> it was just bad knowinghat your friends got murdered or girls just went missing. only on 6, an inside look at the dangerous world of sex trafficking south florida is one of the top spots in the u.s. when it comes to sexex slavery. today in miami-dade activists are trying to stop it. tonight some of these women that were forced into the sex trafficking world are talking about their harrowing experiens. nbc 6 investigator willard shepard joins us live with their story. willard? >> reporter: as you can imagine, it's rare whenn these women talk in public about this at all, much less on television, but they did sit down with us today to talk about thehe terrible experiences. all this as an effort by miami-dade c cnty human services
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>> he took me to his home and raped me and beat her up. and he was showing me not to cross him. >> reporter: melissa schwartz took us back to the heart of her existence for over a decade. >> i've been hit so many times. watching other girls be beaten and tortured in some type of way. >> reporter: fridada schwartz and others sold as sex slaves spoke to a group of predominantly womemeabout what needs to be done to halt what experts say is now an epidemic here. >> when somebody introduces you to that and you're in that lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, all that, it's just another way of
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>> he sent me to chicago and sold me. me and a little girl together. >> reporter: schwartz told us in her early teens her journey took her from wisconsin to chicago to miami, all places she was shipped. she was forced to work the streets of south beach. >> i felt like there was no getting away. there was always eyes on you. >> how were you able to get away? >> i went to jail. my traffickernded up going to prison. >> reporter: miami-dade's evan messa is the county's point person. >> what we're doing at the community action human services department is saving lives. >> i feel like god has brought me out of the depths of hell. >> reporter: she's been working. she's got her own family now.
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the right direction. domestic violence, sex trafficking, if you go over to our nbc 6 news and weather app, we set up the hotline phone number for you there. also online where you can seek help if you're caught in this kind of situation. nbc 6 ne. service is back to normal for passengers taking the tri-rail. the trains are now running in both directions on one track. chopper 6 was over the station this morning near mcnabb road and andrews avenue. that's where crews worked on the derailed train that came off the tracks yesterday morning when it hit debris. one person was hurt in that accident. a legendary music teacher is back home after dying at 73. he left behind a legacy.
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official school of rock and helped students become successful in their competitive industry. he found the miami beach's rock ensemble more than 40 years ago. a memorial is at 3:00 p.m. at the high school. a highly anticipated debut. we're going to show it to you next. new tonight, we're at an animal rescue in broward county that has nothing to do with cats orogs, but rather ferrets.
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weekend, but one gro it's not your usual animal rescue. we're getting inside broward's ferret rescue. >> besides taking care of them, they also make sure that the ferrets end up in homes of families out there that truly care for them. bobby brooks has more. >> reporter: good evening. hey, cats and dogs aren't the only ones who need help. ferrets need help too, even those that have just one eye. 180 of these guys come through here each year. tiny little ferrets up close and personal. i bet you my day at wor was more fun than most of you had
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pretty cool. >> that is pinkie and rudolph. >> reporter: what's not cool is how some of them wound up here. >> we get ferrets from families that don't want them anymore or they go in and they impulse by them. >> reporter: if they're in this story, they've landed in loving hands. kristine is one of the members of the broward ferret rescue in coconut creek. >> we take in surrendered and abandoned ferrets. reporter: each year they take in and place 180 ferrets into new homes. maintenance. affection. >> reporter: a ferret is pretty smart and does know what's going on. >> i'll call their name and good. i've seen them where they'll stand up and beg for treats. >> reporter: they love to play. >> they play tug of war with any kind of dog toys. >> reporter: ferrets sleep a lot. 12 to 14 hours a day.
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guys need lots of love and affection just like any other house pet. if not, it's not going to turn out well. >> we have a few here that have been stuck in a cage for two years and never let out. all they do is bite. >> rererter: the ferret is the third most popular house pet. unfornately like cats and dogs, they're abandoned just as much. luckily now you know about istine and the broward ferret rescue. >> when people call to adopt them, we want to make sure check the website, look at them, investigate see if this is the type of animal for u. >> reporter: for information about the broward ferret rescue, you can head to our nbc 6 news weather app. c 6 news. >> keeping with our animal theme. tonight we're getting our first look at zoo miami newest addition. you won't be able to take your
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he was born back in november, but is just now checking out his quarters at the zoo. eventually he'll live in the tiger exhibit 24/7 by the side of his mommy. >> it's very exciting to see a baby tiger in the exhibit for the frst time in its natural habitat. it was really awesome. and i'm so gd that we were fortunate enough to come here on the same day from our field trip for westminster christian. >> staff says it is very important to have the cub in the zoo. it's the smallest species of tigers and there are less than 40 left in the wild in the world. hey. that looks a lot different, doesn't it, versus yesterday and the day before? completely different air mass
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we were tropical for a couple of days. not so much anymore. we're not going to find much action this evening. if you're looking for a dry night out, this is exactly what you want. see all that blue?? looking pretty good out across the open waters as well. let's flash up your boating forecast for tomorroww it's all about wind. wind is a huge factor. temperatures and sky conditions have little to do with having a good time out there. two to four foot seas out there. win at 10 knots. light chop. temperatures 70. if you're in t water for any period of time, 70 is not your friend. you want some mid and upper 80s % out there. wind calm in some spots like mami international. 5, 6, 7, 8 miles per hour. the winds are going to be generally light this evening.
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we're almost in the 50s everywhere. the warmest temperature is in key west coming in at 63. everybody dropping tonig. here's the surface map. just some high cloud. a little thicker around lake o okeechobee. 53 for miami international. coral springs could be about 49. high clouds the next coupleef days. not too bad if you're looking for a dry weekend. storms could move in as early as monday. more fuel to work with some of these thunderstorms. 84 by wednesday. another front will cool us down as we get towards the tail end of the week. let's detail saturday.
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winds out of the north. cloud cover showing up in the white. no green on the map. that wouou be rainfafl, but still some of that high cloud out there and winds turning light east by the end of the day. up to about 74. belowew average, but much warmer than today. pleasant evening b) tomorrow night. this is my kind of weather, my n. >> it's my kind too. today marks a new era at the university of miami as the school's newest president is officially inaugurated. he wa named the university's sixth president in april. he is the first hispanic president for the school. jackie nespral introduced him as president. there she is. out of san francisco, super bowl fever is spreading across the city as they countdown to
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>> south florida o avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer!
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all right. welcome back. well, san francisco is getting ready for a super sunday.
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final preps for next sunday's super bowl 50 from first responders training for water-based emergencies to a senior command center. officials are bracing for any potential threats. so far only one misstep here. thursday crews at levi stadium accidentally painted both end zones in broncos colors. ouch. >> not good. and speaking of the big game, the super bowl, this is what it could look like if the game returns he to south florida. >> looks so good. what they're doing to lure the big game back to the magic city. >> reporter: sunlight will soon have new life. the stadium will be almost recognizable when the roof shade is installed this summer. the giant cranes are atork now. >> now, we will have a
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is as competitive as any other venue in the wld. >> reporter: stadium upgrade means pouth florida has an upgraded shot at landing its 11th super bowl game either in 2019 or 2020. >> it is about approximately $400 million flowing into south florida as a destination. >> reporter: but times have changed. these days bidding on a super bowl requires a lot more creativity. >> back in the good ole days, we were able to put a bid which was a bunch of letters from poll --
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>> everybody understands what the nfl wants is no longer just a nice place to have a super >> reporter: to get the game, you have to play the nfl's game. dolphins legend matt moore says the benefits go along with economics. >> it's all those kind of things that really excite the community. i believe it's about the people. >> reporter:r:ifting morale or fattening wallets, it's all good. my exclusive interview with hillary clintons the white house confirms troubling new information about what was found in her personal e-mail server. what she told me about the investigadion. we take you to brazil and ground zero of the zika outbreak. and tom brokaw the closing
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all right. finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. surveillance video shows a 13-year-old boy getting robbed of his gold necklace and bracelet in front of a school. a man followed the children and threatened the boy with a gun i i front of his friends and several witnesses. the robber was last seen wearing a white hoodie and blue jogger pants. and we're drier and cooler. >> i would say so. >> we love it, though. >> it's nice. again, i always say you've got two groros of people. we live here, we like the cool stuff because it doesn't last long. then you have folks that are visitinggfrom canada that don't like that. they want those 80s back. >> better than yesterday and e day before yesterday. >> no doubt about it.
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